Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Friday, August 3, 2018

Lost Opportunities: Missions That Never Flew: Part 7- Apollo Applications Program LM Shelter

This artwork served as the inspiration for my 1/72 scale LM Shelter.

Known as the Apollo Extension Series, the Apollo Applications program AES was developed technology concepts for mission proposals based on the Saturn IB and Saturn V boosters. These included a manned lunar base and an earth-orbiting space station. The only AES program that made past the drawing boards was the Skylab space station.

Many of these proposals were fascinating for their engineering design and practicality. Mobile lunar rovers, flying jet packs, lunar hoppers, and several variations on the Grumman lunar module. For this installment a "kit-bashed" 1/72 scale model of the proposed Lunar Module Shelter is the subject.
For more information on the proposed LM shelter check out: The Early LM Shelter  

A 1966 LM shelter/truck concept from Grumman that also served as inspiration for my model.

*    *    *    *

The basis of my LM shelter is a 1/72 LM from the Tamiya Apollo Lunar Space kit. The kit was first released in the early 1970's and is loaded with inaccuracy issues! I kit-bashed all sorts of additional parts from the Revell Space Operations Center, Revell 1/48 Gemini kit, Revell ISS kit, a Tamiya lunar rover and an assortment of pieces from the ubiquitous 'spare parts box'! 

Off-loading the lunar rover. The cylindrical section is the habitation module.

+ Y side of the shelter.

Figures are from the Dragon 1/72 LM.

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