Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Friday, March 21, 2014

1/144 Scale Manned Launchers: Atlas and Gemini/Titan

One of the primary reasons for me moving toward smaller scale spacecraft models is the reality of very limited display space in my home. After 30 years of model building the sheer number of finished projects have filled up all my available space for display. Part of the solution is to start selling off larger pieces of the my collection to make room for the small stuff. The other reason is as I get older smaller projects (although harder to see) do not require the level of work to complete.
Certainly the 1/144 scale space stations reflect that direction. Cost is another consideration. The folks at Crow's Nest, Fantastic Plastic, and New Ware offer exquisitely detailed kits in 1/48 and 1/32 but, the drawback is the price (though fair) and with that price level of work to do them justice.

Along with space station projects that have been featured in previous installments, I have been working on  building a complete set of 1/144 scale manned launch vehicles. Some of those LV's have been showcased in previous installments. For this month I will feature two new additions to my collection.

New Ware's Mercury/Atlas

New Ware produces several beautifully detailed launchers in 1/144 scale. Their Mercury/Atlas is certainly no exception! The detailing- particularly with the Mercury capsule's shingles is stunning. The kit is made up of resin and photo-etched pieces. For "quick look" check out Sven's Ninfinger site:New Ware 1/144 Mercury/Atlas Quick Look

 You can order a copy of this kit from New Ware at  New Ware Models . I ordered my kit through Cultvman's site at Cultvman's Hobbyshop

RealSpace's Gemini/Titan

I came across a nice 1/144 scale Gemini/Titan kit on Ebay recently. Being a somewhat older kit the materials and details were not as refined as New Ware's offerings. Nevertheless, it still was a very good representation of the real thing and the cost is almost half that of the New Ware offering. You can check out Sven's Quick Look here: RealSpace Gemini/Tital Quick Look 
The kit is available through RealSpace's site: RealSpace Models

Although these kits require some previous work with resin and PE materials they only took a couple of weekends to put together!


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