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Ohio Valley Soaceport

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Revell 1/24 Gemini with LMV Studios and RealSpace Details

The classic Revell 1/24 Gemini

Undoubtedly the classic Revell 1/24 Gemini Spacecraft kit has been one of my favorite model kits. I have built several incarnations of model since it first appeared on store shelves back in 1965! The Revell 1/24 Gemini was one of the largest and most detailed kits of its time.

Revell saturated comic books and kids publications with an advertising blitz that if you purchased this big Gemini kit you could register for a contest whose top prize was a full-scale Gemini mock-up!

What boy wouldn't have wanted one of these in their backyard in the 1960's???

The Gemini served as a 'bridge' between the pioneering flights of the one-manned Mercury and the historic Apollo lunar spacecraft that landed Neil Armstrong on the moon.

An illustration of pioneering American spacecraft that appeared in the 1965 World Book Encyclopedia

 Even though this kit was considered a masterpiece in its time, today it is woefully lacking accuracy. At the turn of the 21st century RealSpace Models of Tallahassee released a stunning exterior detail set that addressed many of the external issues with the Revell Gemini. RealSpace also issued a wonderful companion 1/24 scale Agena Target Vehicle for the Gemini.

As big as this kit is however, someone needed to develop an interior kit as the Revell original was an oversimplified mess! New Ware Models made an announcement several years ago yet as of this date not released their Gemini detail set. Finally in late 2012, LMV Studios released the first interior detail set for the 1/24 Gemini.

I purchased my kit through a US vendor to simplify the overseas ordering process at Cultvman's website: Cultvman LMV Gemini Interior Detail Set
LMV Studios Gemini Interior Detail Set
 I have already covered a Gemini Interior Quick Look (scroll down) in a previous installment so for this installment will feature photos of the finished product.

Overall Impressions

Previous work with photo-etched materials is highly recommended before attempting this kit. My greatest struggle was with the fine-detailed wire switches for the control panels. At my age I simply did not have the eye-sight and patience to cut and insert the multitude of breaker switches and pull-rings. Since I chose to partially enclose one side of my model I felt I could get away with that level of detail. With advanced modeling skills the potential for a high degree of detail is certainly possible. 

Essentially the sky is the limit as far as detail one could put into this model using the LMV set. I look forward to some of the top space model guys (Pete Malaguti, David Weeks, Vincent Meens, Keith McNeil  to name a few) to put forth that level of work for the rest of us to marvel at.  

I chose to model Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon's high-flying Gemini 11 mission.Either way below are photos of my humble efforts.

The Revell 1/24 Gemini with the RealSpace Exterior Detail Set and decals by Space Model Systems

The astronaut figure was modified from the kit astronaut
Aft view with the RealSpace thermal blanket (vacuform and gold foil)
Another view- note the nice horizon sensors by RealSpace

LMV photoetched details on the hatch, ejection seat and panels

A close up of the LMV hatch details. Lots of careful P.E. folding required there!

Close of the modified astronaut figure

Top view looking into the hatch at the LMV ejection seat details

The full Gemini and RealSpace Agena Docking Target kit in glorious 1/24 scale!

One final view from the top!

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