Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dragon's 1/48 Apollo and 1/72 Apollo 17 Kits

This installment features the completed model of the 1/48 scale Apollo Command/Service Module by Dragon Models. At some point I would like to acquire another one of these kits to really build up now that I know what I need to avoid regarding construction and painting. My approach was to pre-paint the modules prior to assembly. The funky way the service module goes together works better if you paint after assembly!

No doubt one of those aftermarket companies such as RealSpace, New Ware, or LMV Studios will have to come out with a P.E./resin detail set to compensate for missing details. All in all this kit forms a nice basis for a great model!

Below are a few photos of my finished model-

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Dragon 1/72 Apollo 17 Kit Quick Look

As last mentioned in my previous installment Dragon has recently issued a nice 1/72 kit of Apollo 17. For the most part it is variant of their previously released kit of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. The basic kit is identical to previous incarnation of the combined Apollo CSM/LM. In additional to the basic kit parts Dragon included a scale LRV (lunar roving vehicle), a 'J' variant service module SIM bay with 2 options for display, and a 'J' variant descent stage for the LM.

Dragon offers 2 versions of the service module SIM bay

A close up of the full paneled bay

This kit features a somewhat inaccurate 'J' mission PLSS. It does feature an attached lunar sample bag!

This kit features a seated astronaut figure for the LRV and a standing figure.

A look at the LRV parts tree. It would have been nice if Dragon had the LRV antenna in photo-etch rather than plastic!

A close up of the LRV wheels-- note that the fenders are attached to the wheels. On the actual Apollo 17 mission one of those fenders was broken and repaired with a ad-hock pages from the mission plan.

Apparently I got one of the early issues of this kit that features the gold-plated descent stage.... One disappointment is that quad one is featured in the closed position- not empty from where the LRV was stored.
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