Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Ware's 1/144 Scale Space Shuttle Detail Set for Revell: Part 1

With the Holiday break I finally have had some time to work on a few projects. One of these is a build of the 1/144 scale Revell Space Shuttle using New Ware's 1/144 Scale Space Shuttle Detail Set . I ordered my through a US distributor Cultvman's Hobby Shop_ Space Shuttle Detail Set.

It is no secret that Revell's Space Shuttle kit has its short-comings as far as accuracy is concerned. Tomas Kladiva's New Ware Models from the Czech Republic, is a tremendous source for real space kits, detail sets, and decals. Kladiva's eye for detail and accuracy is exceptional as with all of his products. He has made available a detail set for the Revell shuttle but, also one for the Airfix kit!

Below are a few in-progress photos of my shuttle project.

RCS thrusters and Star Tracker details had to be spliced into the Revell kit.

The aft end features a complete body flap and thrust plate for the SSME's.

Beautifully details SSME's and OMS engines!
Next installment will feature additional progress work as well as a look at the 1/144 scale shuttle tile decal sets!
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I came across a product called Molotow Liquid Chrome . Molotow Liquid Chrome is essentially a chrome marker! I was thinking in terms of applying to Apollo command module exterior surfaces.I used a Revell 1/96 Apollo CM as a test article. My results were inconclusive as I had a difficult time trying to smooth out the surface. Because the marker applicator is activated by a "plunger" mechanism the paint came out "blotchy".  I will continue experimenting with it to try to achieve a mirror-like finish. In the meantime below are a few photographs of my early attempts.

Mototow Liquid Chrome comes as a paint marker.
The paint marker uses a "plunger" that pushes up into the marker to absorb the paint.
This was my first attempt at applying the Liquid Chrome. As you can see the finish came out crinkled!
I wet-sanded the first coat off and made a second attempt as achieving a smooth surface. The results were slightly better however it was still not smooth. I put a 1/96 Apollo CM (left) next to the Liquid Chrome (right) that was covered in Bare-Metal Foil for comparison.

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