Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dragon's 1/72 Gemini Spacecraft with Spacewalker Quick Look

Dragon Models just keeps 'em coming and their newest release the Gemini Spacecraft with Spacewalker in 1/72 scale is another nice kit! This kit kits contains 80 pieces plus decals. The 2 astronaut figures (CDR-seated, and the spacewalker) are made of vinyl.

The instruction sheet is geared toward an international market which means simple assembly diagrams. Painting instructions are on the back of the box.

Pieces are all crisply engraved paneling.

Dragon finally got it right regarding the scalloped window panels unlike the previous Revell gemini kits.

The interior sports a detailed control panel and center console.

There are 3 hatches that allow the modeler to depict the Gemini with both doors or the EVA hatch opened.

The rear bulk-head and ejection seats are all molded as a single piece.

There are no clear windows for the hatches. The modeler will need to either paint them or drill them out and insert a clear sheet. The kit also allows the modeler to depict the Gemini in launch configuration with a nose fairing or the show the nose plate.

Here is the aft end of the equipment section showing the engraving that represents the thermal blanket,

Both the equipment and retrograde sections have nicely engraved lines that depict Gemini's 3-7.

I don't understand why Dragon chose to make the astronaut figure out of vinyl... Enamel paints do not work well on this.


Obviously, the small scale prevents many small details from being featured. Other issues/omissions would include no option for the horizon sensors, lack of interior retro rocket components in the retrograde section, and no option for equipment such as fuel cells etc in the equipment section.


A great little kit! I look forward to assembling this. I may even purchase another to convert into a Gemini/MOL! I applaud Dragon for stepping out on a limb and investing in tooling to offer decent space model kits in spite of real space being such a small niche of the modeling community.

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