Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quick Look: 1/48 Dragon Apollo CSM

A Quick Look at Dragon's 1/48 scale Apollo CSM

Dragon's real space subject latest release is a 1/48 scaled -up version of their previous 1/72 release this past winter. The big news here is that for the first time modelers have an accurate injection-molded block 2 Apollo CSM. To date the only injection plastic Apollo is the 1960's Revell block 1 version.

 Below are out-of-box photos of the kit.

 a view of the service module parts.

 a view of the command and service module parts.

 close-up view of the command module details. Sadly the modeler will need to cut out the windows.
There is not interior for this kit. All you aftermarket companies may wish to produce an interior kit for this.

Nice detailing on the SPS bell. 

A close-up of the SPS heatshield, the csm heatshield, the cm, and a sm bulkhead.

  RCS parts plus cm handles and support structures.

 The kit supplied stand.

A very nice decal sheet for the kit.One drawback is there are no instructions for where these go!

The decals and the brass antenna parts.

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