Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Break

Several things have conspired to slow down the production at the Ohio Valley Spaceport this summer. Major home remodeling, out of town trips have taken precedence over any serious space modeling projects. I was working on the Dragon 1/48 Apollo Command/Service modules and hope to have progress shots available next time. Until then below are a few photos I made of a Saturn 1B launch vehicle in (of all places) the Alabama Welcome Center near Elkmont, Alabama. The Marshall Spaceflight Center and the Alabama Space and Rocket Center are located in nearby Huntsville.

This particular vehicle features one of the last Saturn 1B production 1st stages: AS-211. The S- IVB is a dynamic test or "Battleship" test stage. As the photos show- This historical artifact is rusting away in the northern Alabama weather.... Someone be it the State of Alabama or the Smithsonian should get this rocket into an interior space. If the state wants to promote the space center at Huntsville why don't they erect a fiberglass mockup?
Next installment will return to progress on the Dragon 1/48 Apollo!

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