Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Quick Look at Pegasus Model's 1/144 Luna

I have always loved the simple elegance in the spaceship designs of the 1950's. Featured in the work of Chesley Bonestell and the movies of George Pal sleek designs of the classic rocketship hold a timeless esthetic all there own!

Pegasus Models has been slowly releasing beautiful kits of classic 1950's spaceship designs. Their rocket from the classic 50's When Worlds Collide or the menacing Martian war machines of War of the Worlds have tremendous appeal to baby-boomer modelers everywhere!

Kudos go to Larry Thompson and his team at Pegasus for treating modelers to 2 new wonderful releases: The Luna from the 1950 classic film Destination: Moon and the Cosmostrator from The First Spaceship on Venus.

I for one love the Luna kit for the simplicity of the kit- 8 pieces plus a faux-moon surface base! I was able to complete my kit in an afternoon with very nice results!

My Luna on a 1950's moon!

A straight-forward kit with recessed lines!
A +Y view
A -X view
I have read where some modelers have purchased kits with missing or wrong parts. I am happy to report that many have stated that Pegasus quickly sent the correct parts! Check out Pegasus Models at this URL:  Pegasus Hobbies

RealSpace Models out of Tallahassee recently released a nice 1/48 model of the Gemini 9 ATDA docking target. Check out their website: RealSpace Models

Available from RealSpace for a bargain at $35.00 US!

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