Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dragon's 1/72 Gemini Spacecraft Mini Review

Dragon's recently new release of a 1/72 scale Gemini spacecraft.

I recently spent a couple of pleasant weekends building Dragon's new 1/72 scale Gemini Spacecraft with spacewalker. Over all the Dragon kit went together with minimal fuss. All parts feature crisply molded parts and essentially fit together with no problems.

A detailed look at the finely engraved panel lines. Although the engraving on the service and retro modules is inaccurate they do offer nice detailing.

As you can see all the parts fit neatly together!

A close-up look at the detailed cockpit area. For 1/72 having the joystick and panel engraving is impressive. Of what is needed is some enterprising outfit like RealSpace or New Ware to release a photo-etch set for super-detailing!

The nose-cap featured rendezvous radar that was featured on later Gemini's. I sanded off the detail on the rador and replaced a blank to reflect the nose-caps for Gemini's 3 and 4.

A close-up of the accurized nose-cap.

* * *

A -X view. The kit did not feature a horizon sensor-rather a horizon sensor cap. I scratch-built the horizon sensor for my kit.
A close-up of the scratch-built horizon sensor. I needed to drill out the windows on this kit and fill them with Krystal Kleer!

The EVA hatch features some detail. Overall the general details are fairly accurate!

Details on the retro and service modules were achieved with a combination of wet and dry brush techniques.

An overview of the Gemini with the Astronaut. Both astronauts are vinyl--- I am not sure why Dragon chose that medium--- superglue and a primer coat of acrylic paint did work nicely. Both figures featured a fair amount of detailing.

Overall the decals went on without too much fuss. The Dragon decals worked well with decal solutions that made them fit snugly with the corrugated paneling. I would recommend magnifying glasses to aid in decal placement!

I plan on purchasing a couple more of these kits to depicted other Gemini missions and proposed projects using the Gemini!

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