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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Quick Look at Ring Miniatures 3-D Printed 1/72 Scale Soviet Lunar Soyuz


The elusive two-manned LOK lunar orbiting spacecraft was the largest derivative of the Soyuz spacecraft that was in development. Very little is available in the form of reference photos of prototypes. The "service module" was quite different from the 7k-ok Soyuz of the late 1960's with its elongated propulsion section. It lacked the typical solar wings of contemporary Soyuz spacecraft implied that it used fuel-cells.

For further information see: 

Soviet LOK Lunar Orbiter

Video: Soviet Manned Moon Mission

Illustration of the LOK orbiter. (credit: via Fantastic Plastic)

After purchasing Ring Miniatures 3-D printed Soviet 1/72 Lunar Lander I decided to order the companion LOK Lunar Orbiter. Like the LK the LOK was printed in the same White Natural Versatile Plastic  resolution. This would be a slight powdery texture. As with the LK lander (which is in work presently!) several coats of Krylon primer-enamel smooths out about 90% of the textured surface. Here is the link to Ring Miniatures Shapeways Store:   Ringlord's Soyuz 7k-lok Soviet Lunar Orbiter

As far as accuracy of this model; the basic shape and outline are inline with existing diagrams and references. The basic 3-D model is a wonderful basis for adding details. 

Below are out-of-box photos of Ring Miniatures (Ringlord) Soviet LOK Lunar Orbiter.

The LOK measures out to 5 and three-quarters in length.
Plus X profile.

Continuing the rotation.

Close up to the docking collar. Some additional fine detail will need to be applied here.

Side profile.

A close-up of the service module section.

The propulsion section.


All in all I have to commend Ring Miniatures for their offering these wonder 3-D models! The prices compared to other Shapeway's space model stores are competitive and a good value!

It is hopeful that Ring Miniatures consider producing a 1/72 scale "ye-block" crasher-stage that was intended as a module for the lunar lander. At that point you would have a complete L-3 complex!

The next installment will feature the finished product of the Ring Miniatures LK Lander!