Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Ring Miniatures 1/72 Scale Lunar Soyuz

I finally completed my Ring Miniatures 1/72 3D printed model of the Lunar Soyuz (LOK). I am so pleased that a kit of this subject (even with the lack of detailing) is available and at a reasonable cost!
My "hat" goes off to Ring Miniatures for creating this kit (available from Ring Miniatures Shapesways Store: 1/72 LOK model

Like the companion lunar lander, this model came with "soft" surface details- which required a considerable amount of detailing! I had to gather various photo-etch parts from Eduard and True Detail sets to build out the various antennas, interfaces, hand-rails, and other parts to bring this model up to a more acceptable level.

The panels that ring the service module I assumed were radiators rather than solar panels. They were covered in chrome Bare-Metal Foil. Foil candy wrappers were used for the descent and forward modules as thermal blankets. Several coats of Krylon gloss primer needed to be applied to smooth out the grainy 3D printed surface.

The basic "out-of-box" Ring Miniatures LOK

The modified Ring Miniatures LOK

A Close up of the docking collar. A lot of extra detail parts needed adding!

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New Space Kit Releases

Dragon models is finally beginning to issue/re-issue a few space subject kits. Most of these are expected to be released sometime in the coming months. 

Dragon 1/72 Scale Apollo/Soyuz Kit

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Dragon 1/48 Apollo CSM/LM Lunar Approach

For more information click here: Dragon 1/48 Scale Apollo II CSM/LM Lunar Approach

New Dragon 1/400 Scale International Space Station

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