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Ohio Valley Soaceport

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Советского достичь для луны (Soviet Reach for the Moon): Part 2-Soyuz 7K-OK

Soyuz 7K-Ok 1/72 Scale Model
I have always been interested in the space race of the 1960's as modeling subjects. Although plenty of polystyrene kits of Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo kits are plentiful very little in the way of Russian spacecraft from the 1960's are available. Aside from a couple of Russian spacecraft from Revell and Ogonyek the only alternative today are garage kit companies such as: RealSpace Models, New Ware Models, Fantastic Plastic, LMV Studios, and AMK Kits.

Several years ago I contacted Glenn Johnson of RealSpace models about just purchasing his 1/72 scale Soyuz from the Apollo/Soyuz kit he offered.
The 1/72 Scale RealSpace resin and metal Apollo/Soyuz kit.
 The Soyuz from that kit is closest for a conversion job to backdate it to an earlier Soyuz 7K-OK. Glenn generously sent me the Soyuz part of his kit at the same cost as his 1/72 Soyuz TM. After considerable research I was able to piece together a reasonable facesimile of the 7K-OK model.

-Z side of the Soyuz. The 7K variant had 'gull'-winged solar arrays.
+Z side of the Soyuz. additional solar panels were added to reflect the 7K variant.
A scratch-built high gain antenna had to be constructed from styrene plastic rods.
A view of the aft end of the Soyuz.
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New Ware offers a wonderful 1/48 Soyuz 7K-OK which can be seen here: New Ware 1/48 Soyuz 7K-OK

One can only hope that Horizon or even Dragon might one day produce styrene kits of these Russian spacecraft subjects!!!

Soyuz 7K-OK Spacecraft
The early Soyuz was first was the Soviet Union's first spacecraft designed to rendezvous and dock with either another Soyuz or a Salyut space station. It was also designed as a test bed for the advance Soyuz Zond and 7K-L1 lunar spacecraft. For further information on the Soyuz 7K-Ok please see:
Russian Space Web: Soyuz 7K-OK.

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