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Monday, February 17, 2014

Modeling Space Stations in 1/144 Scale: Skylab: Part Three

Modeling Space Stations in 1/144 Scale: Skylab

Skylab was the United States first space station. Born out of the Apollo Applications project Skylab orbited the Earth between 1973-1979. Between 1973-1974 it hosted three U.S. crews for a total of 171 days. 

Essentially the main workshop was a modified Saturn V S-4B stage equipped with two large solar arrays and an attached Apollo Telescope Module (ATM) for solar observations. The three crews taxied to the orbital workshop via an Apollo Command/Service Modules. Skylab logged about 2,000 hours of scientific and medical experiments, 127,000 frames of film of the Sun and 46,000 of the Earth.

A schematic of the Skylab Orbital Workshop
Due to budgetary constraints and the evolving space shuttle program Skylab was abandoned in 1974. Plans were drawn up for a shuttle rescue mission had the space shuttle been ready to fly. Sadly, the orbiting workshop made a fiery return to Earth in 1979.

For a more detailed look at the history of this program please check out the link below:
History of Skylab 

1/144 Scale Skylab

I scratch-built this model of the Skylab using a S-4B stage from a 1/144 scale Monogram Saturn 5 kit. The ATM, solar array and  multiple docking adapter were either "kit-bashed" or scratch-built.

Realspace Models recently added a great 1/144 scale Skylab kit! Below is a link to their site:

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