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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Modeling Space Stations in 1/144 Scale- Part Two: STS-88/ISS

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After many many fits and starts the United States space station program finally got underway with a joint partnership with Russia, Japan, and the European Space Agency in November of 1998.
Unity Node under construction at the Marshall Spaceflight Center in Huntsville, Alabama in June of 1997.
The International Space Station or I.S.S. was the culmination of a multi-national space project that brought together a large space facility made up of components from all over the world. It took about 13 years for the main core of the ISS to be completed. The final size resulted in the largest space structure ever constructed.
ISS size comparison with previous manned space stations

Most of the ISS segments and modules were assembled by the U.S. space shuttle. Utilizing the shuttle robotic arm each part was pieced together like a giant tinker toy. Following the Russian Proton launch of the FGB dubbed "Zarya" module the space shuttle Endeavour was launched to rendezvous with it. With the shuttle RMS arm the Zarya was connected with the first U.S. module node 1 or dubbed 'Unity" although with to pressurized module adaptors.

Zarya being connected to the awaiting Unity module in Endeavour's cargo bay.
  I recall having to watch this important moment on the Internet in 1998 as the U.S. news organization deemed it too unimportant. It was indeed an accomplishment that was only rivaled by the Apollo 11 lunar landing of July 1969!
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Revell's 1/144 ISS kit.
I had considered plowing into Revell's 1/144 ISS kit for a few years. I did attempt to start it a few years back I shelved due to the complexity of the kit. The Revell kit came out prior to the Columbia accident and reflected several modules and solar array's that essentially never made it off the drawing boards.

In considering this project of building the first moments of the ISS construction I was able to utilize those extra modules included in the kit yet are not a part of the current configuration. Using a second FGB and node module I was able to develop my STS 88 concept without sacrificing the Revell kit's main ISS components.

My 1/144 shuttle Endeavour with the moment of mating the Russian Zarya and US Unity modules

I used the Revell 1/144 space shuttle kit with the ISS parts
Another view I used RealSpace Models space shuttle engines for my Endeavour kit
A close up of the two ISS modules
Another view

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I recently received a nice email from a new modeller website called MODELS COLLECTIONARY.COM . Check them out!

Revell Mercury and Gemini with the new INDY DECALS set.
I also came across this company that is advertizing a new decal product for the Revell 1/48 scale Mercury and Gemini kits. INDY DECALS

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