Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Modeling Space Stations in 1/144 Scale" Part One B-Salyut 7

Essentially scratch-building a model of the Soviet Salyut 7 space station presented a nice challenge in utilizing mixed media of resin casts, photo-etched parts, foiling, and styrene plastic. The end result is featured below.

The -X axis of the Salyut core module. A mixture of plastic parts (can you see where I used a 1/72 Airfix LM footpad?) and candy foils were used.

The +X axix view of the core module. I used PE  ports from a 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' Seaview PE set.

A resin duplicate of the Soyuz T from an original for the Revell ISS kit. Solar panels are resin copies. The Progress is a styrene kit from the Monogram MIR kit.

Another view of the Salyut 7 model.

A +Y view of the Salyut 7 model.

A close up view of the Progress spacecraft. The Monogram Progress needed a bit of accurizing and foil to simulate the thermal blankets.
A close up of the Salyut docking segment and the Soyuz T spacecraft. I used photo-etched parts from a 1/72 F-117 set.

One final view of the Salyut model.

For my next installment I will feature a scratch-built Salyut I with a scale Soyuz 7K-Ok. 

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Kit News
Interesting kits have either been announced or have surfaced in recent weeks. Below is a list.

Dragon has announced a 'see-thru' Shuttle and carrier in 1/144 scale
Dragon has also announced a 1/72 Saturn 5/Skylab LV. If only they would release a 1/72 or 1/144 styrene Skylab station!

I see 1/72 scale kits of the Soviet Buran shuttle that have been surfacing on Ebay lately.
Guys on the Space-modelers Yahoo group have been discussing the arrival of a garage model company out of the Czech Republic- aRRa Models- here is the link: aRRa Models.

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