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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Modeling Space Stations in 1/144 Scale: part one A- Salyut 7

Modeling Space Stations in 1/144 Scale
part one A:
Salyut 7

In looking at modeling real space subjects that have yet to be issued or have been issued but, surpass my meager modeling budget, I have chosen to create a line of manned space stations in 1/144 scale. The first in this series are a couple of Soviet era stations from the Salyut series. Using parts from the Revell 1/144 scale International Space Station kit as the template the first station will be Salyut 7.

Salyut 7

 Launched in April of 1982 Salyut 7 orbited the earth for nearly 9 years. Salyut 7 marked a transition from monolithic (one module) to the modular design that was utilized in the later MIR and ISS stations. 12 crews occupied the station from May 1982 until July of 1986. 
A diagram of the Salyut 7 station

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Modeling Salyut 7

To my knowledge there has been no commercial kit produced of the Salyut 7 station. The Soviets basically used the same core module design for all Salyut stations, the MIR station, and the current ISS Sarya module. Two commercial kits in styrene have been produced of the MIR and ISS in 1/144 scale. Since I did not want to sacrifice my existing kit I purchased the Alumilite resin and RTV casting kit and made a copy of the Zarya core module from the Revell ISS kit.

The 2000 issue of the 1/144 scale ISS
After creating an RTV mold of the Revell Sarya I was able to make an exact copy that would be used as the Salyut 7 core module.

A side by side view of the Revell ISS module and a resin copy.
 Once the core module was copied I spend considerable research time studying photos and drawings Salyut 7.    An excellent reference monograph on Soviet space subjects is Mike Mackowski's    Space in Miniature #4: Soviet Spacecraft .

I am fortunate to have a local hobby shop that offers a large selection of kits and aftermarket supplies. They offer a 50% off discount bin of photo-etched parts for aircraft and armor subjects. I utilized several of these bargin sets for detailing parts for the core stage.

plus X side with bits of photo-etched parts.
minus x side with detail parts.
 My photo references show sections of the forward docking area and the conical section to the main core section were covered with thermal blanketing. I used spray adhesive on candy foil to cover these areas.

The minus x view after the foil was applied.
The plus x view.
More puttying and primer is next. More later!

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