Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Friday, September 6, 2013

Von Braun's Designs for Disney's 'Man in Space', part two

1/72 scale Lunar Recon RM-1
For part two the focus of this mini-series will take a look at the Lunar Recon RM-1 moon rocket featured in part 2 of the three-part 1955 Disney series 'Man in Space'.

Werner Von Braun with the Lunar Recon RM-1 rocket model.

Through the use of live action and scale studio models 'Man to the Moon' depicted a factual-based lunar fly-by mission with the Von Braun designed RM-1. The RM-1 featured fuel tanks that would be discarded at various points in the mission. It also carried a small one-man flyer for EVA's and repair work that may be required. For its time the episode was quite well done and relatively accurate regarding what a real lunar flyby mission might have worked.

1/72 Scale Strombecker RM-1 Rocket Ship Kit

Two years following the airing of Disney's 'Man in Space' series the Strombecker model company issued its 1/72 scale RM-1. Of the entire 'Man in Space' series the RM-1 was the most detailed of them all. In 1993 Glencoe Models re-issued the RM-1 for the first time in nearly forty years. Below are a few photos of the Glencoe reissue.

In part three I will showcase the Atomic Space Station.

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The Dragon 1/72 Apollo 17 kit: The LM and LRV

Below are a few photos of the finished Apollo 17 LM and Lunar Roving Vehicle. I must apologize for the dust specks that showed up on the LM photos...

Note: the damaged fender repair that reflected the real thing on Apollo 17.

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