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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Revell's Classic 1/96 Saturn V

Revell's Classic 1/96 Saturn V Kit

No doubt the U.S. Saturn V moonrocket will go down in history as the vehicle that took the first men to the moon! It is considered a monument to 20th century technology and American "can-do" attitudes of that time! For more information on the history of the Saturn V go to  Apollo Saturn . Com

My Revell 1/96 Saturn V with custom display

When Revell's big 1/96 scale Saturn V kit first hit the shelves in 1969 I wanted one in a bad sort of way. The problem then was it was priced way out of my lawn-mowing money that I had available at that time. It wasn't until 1995 that I was able to finally acquire that re-issue version of that year. Much has been written about this venerable kit and I won't go into the particulars of its short-comings. Needless to say it remains one of my favorites in my personal collection!

At the time of its first release it was considered one of the largest kits ever produced! Even today a well-built version will turn heads at model shows. As grand as this kit is for its size it woefully lacks in details. Fortunately New Ware Models from the Czech Republic has provided modellers with an outstanding detail kit for the big Saturn kit  New Ware Saturn V Update Kit  .

Below are a few photos of my Saturn featuring New Ware's detail parts.

Details of the aft end of the S-IVB

Details of the aft end of the S-IIC- note the New Ware heat shield.
Details of the aft end of the SI-C stage. Most of the New Ware detail parts went into the stage.
A RealSpace 1/96 correct Block II Apollo CSM
The Noron Group 1/96 BPC with the Revell LES.

A look at the S-IVB, SLA, LM, and CSM.

For more information on building this kit please check out Tracy Kornfield's Saturn V Page.

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