Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Friday, August 31, 2012

Building Dragon's 1/48 Apollo CSM: Part 3

 In this installment I will be featuring the command module for the 1/48 Dragon Apollo spacecraft. Over all the general lines and shapes are spot-on. In some ways the detailing on this kit is stunning in others a lot of little details were left off. I did have to add a few minor details  such as the sextant and telescope on the +Z axis.

Dragon featuring very nicely detailed EVA handles with this kit yet below you can see the lack of 
an EVA handle and  pressure equalization and purge ports.

The docking probe assembly was a nice 4-part affair but, the pieces were quite fragile and I managed to break parts off of them. Luckily I had a highly detail "extented" probe from the RealSpace 1/48 Apollo that I used.

The RealSpace docking probe offered an even greater level of detail than the original.

For the mylar coatings I cut 1/8 inch strips of Bare-Metal Foil and carefully applied them to the CM. I strongly encourage anyone using this process to purchase the Space in Miniature #6: Apollo Command and Service Module monograph by David Weeks and Michael Mackowski available at 

This fine publication features nice illustrations of the foiled pattern on the Apollo command modules.

Above is the completed docking mechanism
The kit instructions were somewhat difficult to know where the CM decals were to be applied. Again if was helpful to have the Space in Miniature book as a more detailed look at the data markings!

The heat shield snapped firmly into place. The hole in the middle was for the mounting peg inside the top of the service module.

For the final installment of this series the completed kit will be showcased with final comments.

Real Space Kit News!

 There are a couple of interesting announcements by model companies offering new real space kits. One is by old favorite Glenn Johnson and RealSpace Models from Tallahassee, Florida of a phenomenal 1/144 scale kit of the Skylab space station. For additional information see the link below!
*    *    *    *
Great Wall Hobby from China recently released a 1/48 scale kit of the Chinese Tiangong 1 space station with the Shenzhou 8 space craft.  See the link below for more information. 

*   *   *   *   *

 Dragon keeps on cranking out 1/72 scale space kits. Their newest editions are the Apollo Soyuz Test Project and a killer Apollo 17 CSM/LM/Lunar Rover kit! I should have an Apollo 17 kit for an 'out of box' review for my next installment!

Speculation is that Dragon should release a 1/72 scale Mercury capsule as they have already release a die-cast version of one. One would hope that they would continue producing additional 1/72 space subjects such as Soviet vehicles, Skylab, or maybe an accurate shuttle???

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