Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Building Dragon's 1/48 Apollo CSM: Part 1

I have had a little more time lately to making a little progress with the Dragon 1/48 Apollo CSM. Dragon essentially scaled-up this kit from the earlier released 1/72 Apollo thus making it an almost exact, larger version.

At 1/48 scale one would think Dragon might have considered supplying an interior for this kit or at the very least opening the windows. Again-like the 1/72 version there are no opened windows. For my kit I had to drill each of the windows out followed by trimming them with an Exacto knife.

My intent with this kit was to pre-paint much of the service module prior to final assembly. With the kit design it seemed like a good idea. Having said that I ran into a big issue when adding the two side panels with my liquid cement "oozing" out of the seams.


 I had to go back and redo much of the paint job in the areas where the above panels were attached.

One big criticism about these Dragon space kits are their instruction sheets. Many of the illustrations where simply not detailed enough to show how certain parts are attached. A case in point would be the high-gain antenna assembly. It took some figuring out exactly how the antenna parts went together.

The feedhorn support structure has little "notches" to attach on to the main structure directly in front of the bend in the main struts.

Another area where there was no assembly instructions deals with each of the antenna dishes have center openings that are at an angle. You have to test fit each dish to a specific feedhorn.If not then the dishes will not be at a correct angle on the assembly.

The nicely detailed high gain antenna fully assembled.

In preparation for adding the high gain antenna I pre-painted the SPS heat shield area. 

For the next installment adding Bare-metal foil strips to the command module will be the focus and detailing of the service module will be featured.

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