Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Building Dragon's 1/72 Apollo CSM/LM: part five

With the holidays here and some spare time to devote to modeling I was able to complete the Dragon 1/72 scale Apollo these past couple of weeks. Final comments would center around how unusual this kit was designed and the sparsity of detail regarding the assembly instructions. There was also no guide for the decals or for the various shades of mylar coating for the LM. Because many parts had to be pre-painted I used two-part epoxy to avoid marring that would have come from liquid styrene glues. The metal stand for the CSM had an attachment tab that was to go to some point on the service module. I wasn't interested in drilling a hole for that attachment so I cut the tab off and inserted the stand into the bell of the SPS.

As far as accuracy... there has been some discussion on Internet groups about the descent stage of the LM appearing too "squat": I would have to agree with that assessment. There were also some missing elements that were not featured on the LM such as vent hoods, landing radar deflector, lock-down mechanisms, and a defined M.E.S.A. A modeler with some skill could easily take care of those omissions but, I would highly recommend magnifying glasses to see due to the small scale of this kit.

As for positive aspects the high-gain antenna for the CSM was a little masterpiece: it can be build to tilt the array. The detail for such a small scaled kit is impressive. I would hope that Dragon will continue to produce additional kits of their 1/72 scale die-cast models to be able to have a nice display of all American spacecraft.

Below are some photos of the finished product.

The High-Gain Antenna was a nicely detailed feature of the CSM!

Crisply molded antenna are a nice feature of the LM. The RCS nozzles had to be individually attached to the thruster assembly.

The astronaut figures are scaled-down from Dragon's 1/24 Apollo Astronauts There is also a lot of the experimental package pieces that were not included in the kit.

* * * * *
For the next installment I will feature a look at the Moebius/Aurora 2001 Moonbus and a great after-market detail set. See you in the new year!

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