Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Building Dragon's 1/72 Apollo CSM/LM: part four

Most of the work on the CSM has now been completed. All that is left is the Hi-gain Antenna which I will address in a future post. I never found an attachment mechanism to connect the command module to the service module. This forced me to use two-part epoxy to "seat" the CM on to the service module. The umbilical connect had locator pins but, there was no place to insert them. I had to remove the pins from the connector and epoxy that part to the cm/sm. Below are four views of the near-finished CSM...

At this point I thought it would be interesting to feature photos of the Dragon CSM with two other 1/72 scale Apollos.
A head-on view of the Dragon Apollo (L) and the resin RealSpace Apollo. Both are fairly close in scale and appearance.

Here we have the Tamiya (L) Apollo, the Dragon (middle), and the RealSpace (R) kits. The Tamiya for starters is an out-of-scale block I variant. It appears to scale out closer to 1/60...

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