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Ohio Valley Soaceport

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Building Dragon's 1/72 Apollo CSM/LM: part three

Progress has been slowly moving with the Dragon 1/72 Apollo. Since my last post work has concentrated on applying Bare-Metal foil strips to the command module.

A look at the CM with Bare-Metal strips imitate the strips of mylar and completed docking collar. This was done to create a higher reflectively for Earth-based tracking of Apollo spacecraft at lunar distances. Mike Mackowski's 'Space in Miniature: Apollo CSM" is strongly encouraged as this fine monograph contains illustrations of the patterns for the mylar stripping.

The CM docking collar and probe for the Dragon kit is made up of four separate very fragile pieces. I had to use a magnifying glass just to see what I was working with! I highly recommend an Extacto "saw" blade for carefully removing the docking probe parts from the tree.

I unintentionally broke the armatures while removing the probe from its 'tree'.
The 2 parts (3 since I broke one) of the docking probe. The part on the left is an EVA handle for the CM.

For perspective below is a photo of the completed tiny collar and probe.

Unless I have over-looked something this kit was not designed to attach the command module to the service module. There are 6 structures that the CM rests on but nothing in the way of affixing the two modules for an "in-flight" display. I also found that the 6 structures prevented the CM's heat-shield from properly seating to the service module. I had to use a Dremel tool to removed part of the structures to allow for the CM to be properly seated.

* * *
I have applied the decals to the CSM and will be painting the final topcoat in the near future. Again the instructions did not have a layout of where the decals go. Even with a magnifying glass it was extremely difficult determining where each decal went.

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  1. The part C5 (Service Module top disc) has been molded incorrectly. The three pins ar meant to fit into part E4 (Service Module top rimg). This arrangement allows the centre pin of C5 to attach to the centre hole of the heat shield. This is the only way to ensure the CM sits firmly against the SM.

    Unfortunately the B11 strusts and top of fuel cylinder are molded on the wrong side, and this mistake has been duplicated in the instructions.