Ohio Valley Soaceport

Ohio Valley Soaceport

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Building Dragon's 1/72 Apollo CSM/LM: part two

It has been over a month since my last post. With pressing home improvement projects in work to complete by the upcoming holidays little time has been available to making progress with my Dragon 1/72 Apollo kit.

Below are a few photos of where this project stands now. For the CSM I used Bare-Metal Foil strips to simulate the mylar covering of the command module. With the way Dragon designed the service module painting was fairly straight-forward and without any major issues. This is a welcomed relief compared to the other two injection kits of the Apollo CSM (Revell and Monogram).

With the descent stage of the lunar module I used orange and gold foil from various Halloween candies. I applied a spray adhesive to the back of the foil and then burnished it to the quads of the lower stage.

For the ascent stage of the LM I used a beige color to simulate the thin metallic hull. There is some debate as to the authentic cover of this material. My references are based on the drawings of David Weeks and Mike Mackowski's 'Space in Miniature: Lunar Module' reference book.

A look at the service module following the initial painting. I used Testor's Steel for the main part.

The command module after covering it in strips of Bare-Metal Foil

The CM with the SM. Next step will be adding the detail parts such as the RCS, docking collar, etc...

Here is the LM following the basic Mylar simulate (candy foil)

The -X view of the LM

* * *
I am hopeful that I can devote more time in progressing with this kit in the coming weeks. I will post any new photos at that point.

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