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Ohio Valley Soaceport

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Building Luna 9 from Scratch
Rob Schorry

On January of 1966 The Soviet Union soft-landed the first probe on the moon. It was yet another "space first" for the U.S.S.R.!

A facsimile of the Soviet Luna 9 probe.

The first photo of the moon from the surface by Luna 9 of the Ocean of Storms!

Here's Rob's scratch-built model of the Soviet Luna 9, which was the first successful probe to land on the lunar surface and send back photos. It's in 1/24 scale and is scratch built. The "moon" is Durham's Water Putty over foam.

The body of the probe started life as a 25 mm diameter fishing bobber.

A friend vacuum formed the upper ellipse from a wood turned master.

I cut that part into four petals, detailing them with styrene strip.

The quilted insulation blankets are painted foil over lace netting.

The upper dome, another vac form, was detailed with a tube for the camera.
Wires served as attachments to the probe.

The antennas are steel wire.

Luna 9 - the first active space probe on the lunar surface, sits silently waiting for visitors from Earth to return

Rob Schorry, OVSMA#2


  1. Looks great, and congrats for starting up a blog dedicated to space modeling! Good luck w/ it!! Kev